Rapid Scaling PI Blended Learning - Requires the BEST Instructors.

Meet our Instructors

Quality Learning only happens when the foundational knowledge transfer is reinforced by skilled instructors who have and are willing to share their own experiences.

This approach ensures that the learning taking place can be applied quickly, and is more tenacious.

Why Work with OpusWorks?

OpusWorks Institute Instructors are required to possess vast previous experience and undergo rigorous training to become OpusWorks certified.

OpusWorks Instructors, including Alex are effective due to their vast experience working with and leading improvement programs for some of the most recognized brands in the market, coupled with OpusWorks’ modular designed content, user interface and engaging class sessions; organizations can be confident that their employees are receiving best-in-class training, proving immediate results of their investment.



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Alexandre Fonseca Torres, Ph.D

Director OpusWorks Institute, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Instructor and Mentor

Through service to companies like Amazon, Cargill and others - plus learning about leadership, time discipline and soft-skills from his OpusWorks Institute colleagues -- Alex is a transformed instructor.  Though always dedicated to excellence, Alex's mindset is now completely different.  Before OpusWorks, he was anchored in a teacher-as-instructor model that in hindsight, he realizes, fostered student passivity.  Today, his students are actively involved and fully engaged because he is a facilitator-as-instructor enthusiast ... and he's never going back.


Alex's critical-to-quality measure, as an instructor, is the quality and frequency of "aha" learning moments.  Such moments occur when students possess the core knowledge and are wrestling with ral world application.  With OpusWorks blended learning - OpusWorks e-Learning transfers the core knowledge (Alex is "100% convinced" that it is the superior way) and OpusWorks class materials built on defined learning objectives that promote real-world application -- Alex can unleash class energy and creativity to inspire exceptional moments that are even more impactful because of Alex's use of metaphor, humor, and experience.


Alex’s top tips for OpusWorks Institute students are:

  • Make a detailed schedule for completing pre-work, on time, so you are fully prepared for class.  Review specifics with your boss so they commit to support you.

  • Take the training and do your project, simultaneously.  For instance, after you do a Charter in class, do it with your Project.

  • Commit to continuous learning.  To enhance your hard and soft skills, these readings should be on your shortlist:

    - The Machine that Changed the World (Womack, J.P., Jones, D.T., Ross, D.)

    - The Goal (Goldratt, E.M., Cox, J.)

    - How to Make Friends and Influence People (Carnegie, D.)


For deployment leaders and sponsors, Alex requests that you:

  • Affirm the rigor of the course.  Review your student's detailed schedule.  Help them stay on track.

  • Query your students about project specifics.  Clarify as appropriate.

  • Assure students of their project's importance to the organization.  Promptly respond to questions and requests for support.

To get acquainted with Alex, and meet our team of OpusWorks Institute expert instructors, click here.

"Class time with Alex is very productive, it's all about application of the pre-work"

"So pleased that our company decided that this important training be delivered in our national language - Alex is a great instructor, and it was great that our national language was his too"