Rapid Scaling PI Blended Learning - Requires the BEST Instructors.

Meet our Team

Quality Learning only happens when the foundational knowledge transfer is reinforced by instructors who have and are willing to share their own experiences.

This approach ensures that the learning taking place can be applied quickly, and is more tenacious.

Why Work with OpusWorks?

OpusWorks Institute Instructors are required to possess vast previous experience and undergo rigorous training to become OpusWorks certified.

OpusWorks Instructors, including Beth are effective due to their vast experience working with and leading improvement programs for some of the most recognized brands in the market, coupled with OpusWorks’ modular designed content, user interface and engaging class sessions; organizations can be confident that their employees are receiving best-in-class training, proving immediate results of their investment.



Beth Morrison

Beth Morrison

OpusWorks MBB Institute Instructor and Mentor

Meet Beth Morrison, OpusWorks Institute Master Black Belt instructor and mentor for Cargill and other OpusWorks clients.

Beth Morrison brings over 20 years of passionate Six Sigma and Lean practitioner experience with several large manufacturing companies and consulting firms to her work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute.

Though Beth excels at introducing her students to the world of continuous improvement and its multitude of tools, she is especially passionate about encouraging them to embrace change.

Beth has several recommendations for OpusWorks blended learning class instructors. 

First, have every student work a project concurrently as they complete the e-Learning, class, and Capstone material. 

Second, for better communications, request that a client resource be actively involved with each class. 

Third, invest time up front to train students in how to work the training platform to their advantage with chat, materials sharing, hand raising, muting and more. 

Fourth, use the real-time data from the “At-A-Glance” report, to encourage higher performing students, support those on pace, and cajole the ones who are falling behind. 

And finally, for those students with English as a second language, budget as much as 30% more self-paced learning, class, and project time.

Beth also has a few tips for prospective OpusWorks clients.  Embrace the power of the OpusWorks blended learning model. 

Leverage the exercises in the Capstone Simulated Project event to develop student confidence that they can indeed apply the concepts and principles learned from the e-Modules and class activities. 

Prioritize selecting projects that fit the training and are aligned with business objectives. 

Make students aware that modules are topical, and that some will take longer than others. 

And above all, ensure that students accept that it is their responsibility to manage their time, avoid last-minute cramming and complete the assigned e-Modules, on-time, before class.



"I really enjoyed this class and experience!"

"I love the flexibility provided by the e-learning modules and then coming together as a class to discuss."

-Students ~ Cargill