Rapid Scaling PI Blended Learning - Requires the BEST Instructors.

Meet our Team

Quality Learning only happens when the foundational knowledge transfer is reinforced by instructors who have and are willing to share their own experiences.

This approach ensures that the learning taking place can be applied quickly, and is more tenacious.

Why Work with OpusWorks?

OpusWorks Institute Instructors are required to possess vast previous experience and undergo rigorous training to become OpusWorks certified.

OpusWorks Instructors, including Er are effective due to their vast experience working with and leading improvement programs for some of the most recognized brands in the market, coupled with OpusWorks’ modular designed content, user interface and engaging class sessions; organizations can be confident that their employees are receiving best-in-class training, proving immediate results of their investment.



ER Picture

Er Ralston

OpusWorks MBB Institute Instructor, Mentor

Meet Er Ralston, OpusWorks Institute Master Black Belt instructor and mentor for REV Group and other OpusWorks' clients.  

Er brings over thirty years of experience in operations and quality leadership interventions to his work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. 

Formerly with the Juran Institute and a major university medical center, Er draws upon his business process excellence, planning, Lean Six Sigma, and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award accomplishments as an executive coach, trainer, consultant, and examiner to inspire others in their quest for performance excellence.

Though Er enjoys developing content and building new client relationships, it's teaching the classes, and enabling students to effectively apply learned knowledge, that inspires and motivates him.  Er believes in the OpusWorks brand and appreciates how his affiliation builds his own credibility as a consultant.  Through the Institute, Er especially values the opportunity to network, enjoy camaraderie, and share best practices.

Regarding OpusWorks' content offerings, Er sees them as far more expansive than any one individual could develop on their own.  He notes that the content is well aligned with widely accepted bodies of knowledge.  Though familiar with blended learning before joining the institute, Er now has a greater understanding and appreciation for how the OpusWorks blended approach can be used and leveraged to better serve clients.

Er notes that with OpusWorks, deployment champions, perhaps for the first-time ever, have access to the data and dashboards they need to:

- Get more fully engaged in the overall    learning process,

- Better support student performance,

- Promote internal information sharing,

- Foster project collaboration, and

- Design additional exercises to further drive ROI.

In planning a rollout, Er suggests a PDCA mentality.  Start with a pilot class, learn from it, improve subsequent classes, accelerate the pace, continuously improve, and scale.  It is of top importance that management supports and commits to their students that they will indeed have the off-the-grid, uninterrupted time necessary to complete pre-work e-Learning on-time and fully participate in all class sessions and activities.

To get acquainted with Er, and meet our OpusWorks Institute expert instructors, click here.

"Cycle of learning a concept (learning videos, class-time, homework, review) worked well for me, especially the instructor time."

"Er, our instructor was great and very knowledgeable on the materials."