Rapid Scaling PI Blended Learning - Requires the BEST Instructors.

Meet our Instructors

Quality Learning only happens when the foundational knowledge transfer is reinforced by instructors who have and are willing to share their own experiences.

This approach ensures that the learning taking place can be applied quickly, and is more tenacious.

Why Work with OpusWorks?

OpusWorks Institute Instructors are required to possess vast previous experience and undergo rigorous training to become OpusWorks certified.

OpusWorks Instructors, including Steve are effective due to their vast experience working with and leading improvement programs for some of the most recognized brands in the market, coupled with OpusWorks’ modular designed content, user interface and engaging class sessions; organizations can be confident that their employees are receiving best-in-class training, proving immediate results of their investment.




Steve Ford

OpusWorks Institute Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Quality Engineer

Gifted with a consultative mindset, Steve enjoys seeing his students apply their learnings to improve day-to-day-work and lead improvement projects that impact the bottom line. 

Meet Steve Ford.  As an OpusWorks Institute instructor for companies like Amazon, Cargill and others, Steve views himself as an “Application Facilitator” who measures success by how well students apply knowledge of a topic – tool, technique, or methodology -- to make their company more effective and efficient.  

Polling, chat, and subsequent dialogue are Steve’s means to the end.  Through polling, he discovers each student’s prior experience level with a topic.  Via chat, he uncovers ways the topic has been used to make improvements.  And with dialogue, he advances the topical skill level of experienced students and builds a support network for those newer to a topic.  As always, the goal is to bridge knowledge to application. 

Throughout a training engagement, Steve finds that by referencing and continually reinforcing a simple, easily understood core theme – such as the wide-ranging application of y=f(x) – enables students to further build confidence in their ability to find more streamlined ways of doing things. 

Steve’s suggestions:

  • Students, use the sequenced layout of e-Learning, class sessions and activities in the learning portal as your roadmap toward becoming a proficient problem solver and practitioner. Remember, the ‘Search’ capability enables you to quickly find impactful learning points, just-in-time.

  • Instructors, allow discussion time for drilling down into key and relevant topics for your class. Avoid zooming through all the material, just because it’s there.

  • Clients
    • Assure that students – during class – have a problem to solve for immediate benefit and quick win momentum.

    • Confirm that students want to be in-class and that they embrace the blended learning model.

    • Increase ROI with infrastructure support for practitioners, projects, and the program itself.

To get acquainted with Steve, and meet our team of OpusWorks Institute expert instructors, click here.

"Steve knows his stuff, I learned so much from this workshop - RCCA"

"I enjoyed that Steve used real life situations to explain concepts."