Rapid Scaling PI Blended Learning - Requires the BEST Instructors.

Meet our Team

Quality Learning only happens when the foundational knowledge transfer is reinforced by instructors who have and are willing to share their own experiences.

This approach ensures that the learning taking place can be applied quickly, and is more tenacious.


Why Work with OpusWorks?

OpusWorks Institute Instructors are required to possess vast previous experience and undergo rigorous training to become OpusWorks certified.

OpusWorks Instructors, including Vickie are effective due to their vast experience working with and leading improvement programs for some of the most recognized brands in the market, coupled with OpusWorks’ modular designed content, user interface and engaging class sessions; organizations can be confident that their employees are receiving best-in-class training, proving immediate results of their investment.




Vickie Kamataris

OpusWorks Institute, Chief, Content and Delivery, MBB Instructor and Mentor

Meet Vickie Kamataris, Lead Master Black Belt of the OpusWorks Institute.

Vickie lives to make a difference – and everything she has learned in the military, as a nurse, and as both a college and corporate instructor, comes together at OpusWorks and allows her to do her work well. 

Vickie is driven by an unshakeable belief that Lean Six Sigma, when applied properly, transforms organizations and individual lives.  She treats each student as a patient who will excel if given proper personal attention.  

As a leader, she loves to take an initial idea, probe it, engage others with it, explore it, expand it, imagine possibilities for it, and then collaboratively shape it into a workable strategy that a team can make into a reality that yes, makes a difference.

Vickie’s mission is to be the growth master of the OpusWorks Institute.  She loves the challenge of creating a global team, and finds it extraordinarily rewarding.  She’s always tackled the toughest problems and pushes herself to provide her instructors with the best possible tools and support.  She wants a clear path for every student to have a superior experience with the OpusWorks e-Learning content, materials, instructors and instructional processes.

Vickie is inspired by her team of masters and embraces each different personality, unique perspective, and distinctive experience.  She values the constant flow of ideas, suggestions, and requests from customers.  Vickie thinks it’s so cool that she gets to pull it all together, look at the big picture, and make the Institute better, especially for OpusWorks customers. She wants to move faster – more rapidly update materials, do more gaming, expand innovation content and more … while also making sure internal processes and capabilities keep up so students always get the latest and best from OpusWorks.

Vickie’s suggestions for clients:

  1. Define, agree, and get executive commitment to what you want your people to do differently after the training, even before you design your first class.  Too many organizations get halfway through their first session only to discover that their business really needs something different. 

  2. When you sign up for OpusWorks Institute delivered classes, sign up also for OpusWorks Institute project related mentoring support services.  Too often, when mentoring is done by internal experts who are unfamiliar with the ASQ-aligned OpusWorks curriculum, students receive guidance that does not reinforce or even conflicts with their learning.  Unfortunately, new students cannot yet embrace the nuances of Lean Six Sigma. Consistency of training and mentoring is especially important for emerging practitioners.

  3. Get the OpusWorks Institute involved early in your relationship with OpusWorks so we can help you avoid pitfalls, not repeat mistakes, and prevent rework as you embark on the new approach.  Also, if Vickie and her team can understand your vision, they can help you plot the course.

  4. Start small and when you’re ready, scale simply and rapidly!

To learn more about Vickie, and meet her team of OpusWorks Institute expert instructors, click here.

What Vickie's Students have to Say.....

"The amount of knowledge and information Vickie presented was excellent."

"I really liked the self paced modules and then comming to class where Vickie helps us apply the knowledge."